Does Teleperformance Hire Felons?

When searching for a company to work for, you may have a few ideas in mind. For instance you may want to work remotely. There are certain companies that offer you to work from home. Teleperformance is a company that offers remote positions. This may leave you to wonder- does Teleperformance hire felons?

Keep reading to find out!

does teleperformance hire felons


Teleperformance is an Omnichannel company that’s headquarters are located in France. The company provides customer acquisition, care, technical support, debt collection, social media, and other various services around the world. The company is a strategic partner to some of the world’s leading companies. They bring solutions and enhance customer experience for their partners.

The company is the largest interaction expert team. The company believes that each interaction needs to be treated as unique. Teleperformance strives to find employees that are multicultural, highly skilled, and deeply knowledgeable.

does teleperformance hire the felon

Teleperformance believes that their employees can achieve the perfect balance between work and life at home. The distance does not matter as long as employees share the same vision. The company has employees coming from more than 80 countries, with voices that can be united in more than 265 languages.

The company has over 383,000 employees. Keep reading to learn more about a position available through Teleperformance.


There are many positions that are available at Teleperformance. We’re going to take a closer look at one specific position in specific.

Call Center Rep

Working as a call center representative is a very important part of the company. In this position you will be the eyes and ears for our team. The main task is to engage with customers regarding inquiries and finding innovative ways to respond.

There are some specific skills that can benefit you in this position. You must be able to work in a collaborative and engaging environment. If you do not have an answer for your customer, you will need to work alongside another team member. Also, in regards to the customers you will have the chance to interact with people from all walks of life.

does teleperformance hire felon

The want to grow and challenge yourself, can also be beneficial. In this position you will discover your potential and learn various ways to solve problems.

Communication skills overall are extremely important. This is because this is the main task of your job. You have to communicate with every customer properly.

There are many benefits of working for Teleperformance. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Paid Training
  • Competitive Wages
  • Monthly Bonuses
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits
  • Wellness and engagement programs
  • A fun, and casual work environment on site or virtually

If you are interested in a position at Teleperformance you should apply. The company will run a background check as a part of the hiring process.

Background Check

A background check will take place as a part of the hiring process. This is done to ensure that the person they are hiring is who they claim to be. Running a background check ensures that the company is making a good hire.

A good hire differs from a bad hire in the fact that a good hire will not be a threat to the employer in any way. It is crucial to be completely honest during the application process. This is because all of your history will become known regardless.

does teleperformance hire a felon

The check will go back seven years. Though your conviction may have taken place before that, you will want to disclose the information anyway.

A background check gives Teleperformance access to some personal information. Some of this information includes but is not limited to a credit check, your driving record, and your criminal history.

It is not clearly stated, but it seems that the company will not automatically disqualify you as a candidate. Every instance will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Getting a Position

Being honest is the one of the most important parts of the interview process. This is crucial for anyone applying for a job especially if you are someone that has a criminal history. When you are speaking with the hiring manager you should be honest and cover all of your bases. This is true regarding everything from your skill set to your criminal history.

does teleperformance hire the felons

You should remain professional and show how far you have come since your conviction. The fact that you are even applying for jobs shows just how far you have come. Be confident with this fact. Your past does not have to define your future.

Staying positive throughout the process can also be helpful. You should not get discouraged if there isn’t a position for you at Teleperformance. There are many companies out there that are willing to hire you even if you have a criminal history.


Teleperformance is an Omnichannel company in which the headquarters are located in France. The company provides customer acquisition, care, technical support, debt collection, social media, and other various services around the world.

There are various positions that may be available to you through the company. For instance, working as a call center representative is both remote and rewarding!

If you apply to the company you will have to forgo a background check. This check will date back seven years. If your criminal history took place before the time period, you should still inform the hiring manager.

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