Does The CTA Hire Felons?

As a felon, the job search can be a difficult thing. At times it may feel as if your criminal history is posted for the world to see. Luckily, there are many companies which offer programs to assist ex-cons in getting a job.

Applying for The Chicago Transit Authority may interest you. It may leave you wondering if the CTA hires felons? Or if the public transit company has any special programs for those with a criminal history.

Continue reading to find out more.

does the cta hire felons

The Chicago Transit Authority

The Chicago Transit Authority is the second largest public transportation in the United States. The CTA has two ways of travel. They have buses as well as a rail route.

The bus system consists of 140 different routes. The buses make thousands of trips in a day and some routes even provide 24 hour service. This service is known as “Owl Service”.

The rail system is known as “The L” which runs throughout the city as well as its neighboring communities. There are different routes on the rail system that are known by various colors. For example, the red and blue line run 24 hours every day.

The Chicago Transit Authority has a simple mission statement. As a company they work every day to “provide quality, affordable transit services that link people, jobs and communities.”

As a company they are very supportive of all of those who are attempting to find a job. This is especially true for those who have been convicted of a felony.

Keep reading to learn more about the opportunities available to you through the CTA.

CTA Second Chance Program

does cta hire felon

The CTA strives to make it easier for those who have previously been incarcerated or are known as hard-to-place. This program is in partnership with the City of Chicago as well as social service agencies.

You must prove residency in Chicago and be at least 18 years old in order to apply for this program. The offense must be non-sexual, non-violent & a non-domestic criminal offense for you to be accepted. If those requirements are met, a 10 week job-readiness-training program must be completed. This would then result in obtaining a referral from one of the cities referral agencies

Once an applicant gains a referral, the apprenticeship orientation will take place!


does cta hire felon

During the orientation all of the information regarding the job will be relayed to you. This means guidelines, tasks, and requirements of the apprenticeship. All official documents will also be filled out.

Safety training must also take place before the work can begin. It is essential to ensure that both the participants in the program as well as the company is safe. This training is paid.

The participant will be reviewed throughout the apprenticeship by an immediate supervisor. Reps of various agencies will also often review the workers to ensure they are moving along properly.

Once the apprenticeship is completed you will receive a certificate of completion of the program. You will also receive a letter from the Chicago Transit Authority of recommendation.

If you are not convicted of another crime you are set up for absolute success in becoming an employee at the CTA.

There are plenty of job opportunities for those who have completed the second chance program.

Some examples of the jobs offered are rail/bus runner, rail janitor, and welder. There are many other jobs, too – those are just to mention a few.


does cta hire felons

There are plenty of job opportunities for those who have completed the second chance program.

Rail or Bus Runner

As a rail or bus runner, you would have lengthy but rewarding hours. You would be on every route ensuring each stop is on time and correct.

You do have quite a bit of responsibility in this position. You must keep moving forward seamlessly to ensure everything works as it should.

You should have good communication skills as well. This way you can deal with any riders or other co-workers in a way that only benefits you.

Rail Janitor

As a rail janitor you would be responsible for the upkeep of the rail stops as well as the actual cart itself.

You must be able to properly manage your time. You may be called to a different area and you would have to quickly finish your current work to properly get everything done.

This job is crucial to ensure that the riders have a pleasant experience with the Chicago Transit Authority.

Committing to Turning Around

When companies present programs that are specifically made to benefit ex-cons, it is crucial to keep moving in the right direction.

Having the support throughout the program can be very beneficial. This may be the support of your family, friends, or other hard-workers.

The support of others will help you make it through the program successfully. It will also help you to keep the job once you are hired.

It is very important to stay positive throughout the process. A positive attitude will keep you moving along at the speed of light.


The Chicago Transit Authority is the second largest public transportation in the United Sates. The CTA has two ways of travel. They have buses as well as a rail route.

There are many job opportunities for felons through the CTA. The CTA also has a program precisely made in order to assist a felon be successfully employed. It is called the CTA Second Chance Program.

The Chicago Transit Authority is a wonderful company for felon’s to look into.

If the CTA does not interest you there are many other job opportunities out there for felons. Never give up and always stay positive.

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