Does The USAA Hire Felons?

As a convicted felon, you may be stuck on new beginnings. Whether this is in regard to your housing situation or your work situation- you may find yourself struggling to find a solution.

It can feel like a guaranteed answer that you would want to work for a company that does more than what it is meant for. There are companies like the USAA that do much more than just what the company is meant for.

does the usaa hire felons

As a previously convicted felon, you may find yourself wondering- Does the USAA hire felons? Keep reading to find out.


The USAA is short for the United Services Automobile Association. The company was founded in 1922 in San Antonio Texas. The company was founded by a group of 25 U.S. Army officers.

The company was founded as a mechanism for those who were considered at risk when applying for insurance. For instance, those involved in the military would be considered high risk when applying for auto insurance.

USAA now offers banking and insurance assistance in various places across the country.

There are various positions offered through the company. Following, we will take a look at a few of the positions.


There are various positions available at the company. In every position it is crucial that the employee recognizes the values of the company. The company believes in the importance of the integrity of their employees.

Customer Service

At USAA, the customers are members. As a customer service representative, you will be instead known as a Member Service Representative. You must be dedicated to the members!

In this position you will help members find the solution to any problems they may have. This can deal with problems from banking to insurance.

You should be able to work in a fast paced environment. The quicker a situation can be resolved, the more solutions can come about. This means more happy members!

does the usaa hire felon

You also have to be able to think on your feet. Though similar questions and situations may come about, you need to be able expect the unexpected. You will need to use your knowledge to seek solutions for all situations.

The company offers continued training. This means you can continue to evolve in your position. This also helps so that you can discover and make the most of your knowledge.

At USAA, the customer service representatives are not the only employees who think about the customers. In every position, the members come first.

Insurance Employees

The team of insurance employees makes the company work at its best. As an employee working in insurance, the importance is strong.

In this position you will assist members with any needs regarding insurance.

It goes beyond the standard as well. USAA wants you to succeed in every way possible. This goes beyond your job criteria. Keep reading to learn more about being an employee at USAA.

Becoming a USAA Employee

At USAA, they build a team that reflects only the highest of standards.

Training and Expansion

The company sets you up for success from the very start. From orientation to customized training, they will ensure that you are prepared in every area.

It goes beyond the initial training. Throughout employment there will be business seminars, speakers, and workshops provided. This keeps employees at their absolute best.

does the usaa hire felon tips

The company also offers career development planning. This can help each and every employee plan for their future. They also offer leadership development programs. Therefore, an employee can move up in the company to higher positions if it is something of interest.

Benefits and Perks

USAA looks out for their people! They offer many different packages to assist their employees. Their packages go beyond the typical medical and dental assistance.

Whether the company is just saving you time or saving you money, they want to assist!

For instance, they offer access to physical fitness and personal trainers. This can help to ensure that you stay at your healthiest. Therefore, it lets you be your best while you are at work.

Other Contributions

USAA strives to better the community in every way possible. Whether it is by volunteer work, or donations. The company makes many contributions that have positive, lasting effects.

Every year employees get two paid days to volunteer at a non-profit organization of their choice. This is an amazing aspect that the company offers

They also run a campaign yearly. This campaign donates large sums of money to certain charities.

Application Process

You can begin right on the USAA website. You will start by searching for the job that interests you and seeing if it is available at your location.

You will create a candidate profile on the website. You are also able to apply for multiple positions with your profile. You should properly prepare your resume to attach it to your application. You can seek help from a professional when preparing your resume. This will

A background check will take place. This should not intimidate you. A background check is a requirement to make sure the company is making a good hire.

does usaa hire felons guide

A background check will give the USAA access to a bit of personal information. This does include your criminal history. Typically it will go back seven years. There are some states that your entire criminal history will be returned.

It is important to be upfront about your criminal history at the interview. This will avoid any problems once the background check is returned. If the background check goes smoothly and there are no surprises, a recruiter will decide if you are qualified.

If the recruiter deems you as a qualified candidate, you will be notified that you have gotten the position! If you are not right for the position you applied for, don’t worry! There are many positions available.

Background Check

Employer’s run background check to avoid hiring someone who may pose a threat or be a liability to their establishment. These checks help to confirm that a person is who they claim to be.

Once a background check has been done an employer will gain access to:

  • Credit reports
  • Driving records
  • Educational records
  • Criminal offenses

Background checks may seem daunting to those who have a criminal history. This is especially true if they have bettered themselves from their past mistakes; or have been denied by other establishments simply based on being an ex-convict.

does usaa hire felons

Background checks show all convictions and non-convictions. This includes all cases not prosecuted or dismissed. It is possible to run a background check on yourself.

Running a check on yourself can show what the employer will have access to.

A background check educates the employer further about the candidate. It enhances the employer’s knowledge on the candidate’s character. It informs the employer of the candidate’s past in depth.

Overall, a background check helps to ensure an employer such as the United Services Automobile Association with a sound hire.

Chances for Felons?

Unfortunately, The United Services Automobile Association is not commonly known for hiring felons.

It is crucial to note, however, that this does not discourage you from applying to positions. Just because the USAA will not hire you due to a criminal history does not mean that other companies will not.

It is crucial to not become discouraged by this instance.

There are plenty of opportunities out there. For instance there are plenty of companies that offer programs for ex convicts.


The USAA is short for the United Services Automobile Association. The company was founded in 1922 in San Antonio Texas. The company was founded by a group of 25 U.S. Army officers.

The company is not known for hiring felons. This should not discourage one from applying.  The company itself is not discriminatory against hiring those with a criminal history. The company has not been necessarily supportive to those with a criminal history.

There are many companies which will happily hire ex convicts. It is important to stay persistent when it comes to the job search. Above all, it becomes the most important!

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