Does TruGreen Hire Felons?

There are certain industries that are more accepting to felons than others. For instance, lawn service companies may be more welcoming to felons. While researching lawn services you may have come across TruGreen.

TruGreen is a company that truly cares for their customers as well as their employees. This may leave you to wonder, does TruGreen hire felons?

Keep reading to learn more about the company itself, what a job through TruGreen would consist of, and if they do indeed hire felons.


The company was founded in Troy, Michigan in 1973. What started as a small company in order to help neighbors is now America’s #1 lawn care company. TruGreen’s Headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee. The company successfully has remained a prominent name known by homeowners across North America.

TruGreen believes that it all comes down to one simple principle: Working for the love of lawns. The focus is on providing science-based solutions for home-owners lawn care needs. Customized solutions are developed by PhD-certified agronomists. Homeowners then get the exact kind of lawn maintenance help that will increase the health and look of their lawn.

does trugreen hire felons

The culture of working at TruGreen is shaped by similar values of all employees and those higher up. Some of their values are as follows:


If you feel that you could make a personal connection to these values, True Green might be the right fit for you.

Let’s take a look at the various career options available.


TruGreen cares about their employees, both on and off the job. That’s why they let all associates be eligible for affordable plans and benefits that can make life easier. For instance, they offer health, financial, and enriched life plans to all associates.

There are various fields that TruGreen has to offer. The different fields that are offered from TruGreen are as follows:

Field Operations
-Outside Sales
-Customer Service
-Sales Contact Center

Today, we will take a closer look at a position in outside sales.

Sales Representative

As a TruGreen Sales Representative it is best that you have great people skills. In this position you will help new and existing customers find the right lawn care maintenance plans! As a representative, you will deal with people both at their homes and/or by phone.

Again, since it is a sales position, it is beneficial if you have good communication skills. This way, customers will be more willing to use TruGreen. In this position, you make commission off of your sales on top of your salary. This can be a driving initiative to get more customers!

does the trugreen hire felon

It is important that you are focused and are good at time management. This is to ensure that any deadlines are met and that you are on time to any existing appointments with customers.

The only qualification you need is a valid driver’s license! Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have prior experience in a sales position or in a position in which you were dealing with customers.

Hiring Process

TruGreen knows that applying to jobs can often feel tedious or grueling. This is why they have made the hiring process simplified and easy to understand. It is broken down into 5 different parts.

First, you find your career path. It is very easy to navigate their website. On the website you can browse through various positions that are either local or if you plan to relocate you can see positions available everywhere. You can begin your search by typing in a job title and/ or your city!

Once you have browsed available positions and you have chosen a career path, it’s time to give a bit of information about yourself. You will need to submit a resume. It is important to ensure that your resume is the best that it can be. At TruGreen, they expect the information presented on your resume to be clear and concise!

does trugreen hire felon guide

You will have to disclose that you have a criminal record. This does not mean that your application will be outright disqualified. It seems that TruGreen deals with each applicant on a case-by-case basis.

After submitting your application, you will then wait to be contacted by a recruiter. If you are not deemed qualified as a potential candidate for the position you applied for, a recruiter will contact you. If you are deemed as qualified, a recruiter will work to find the best position for you. This will be based off of the information you have given as well as any further questions asked. This does not necessarily mean that the questions would be for the position that you applied for. The recruiter may find that you are a better fit for a different position.

If a recruiter and you agree on a certain position, you will then speak with a hiring manager. If you are qualified, you will become a part of the team!

If you do not get offered a position at TruGreen you should not get discouraged. There are plenty of other opportunities for those with a criminal history. This is especially true in certain industries such as landscaping.


TruGreen was founded in Troy, Michigan in 1973. What started as a small company in order to help neighbors is now America’s #1 lawn care company!

At TruGreen they attempt to make the hiring process as simplistic as possible. They break the process down into five simple steps. Having a good resume is crucial when you apply to the company. There are online services that can assist you to make sure your resume is clear and concise.

The company does not offer any special programs for those with a criminal history. At TruGreen, they deal with every applicant on a case-by-case basis.

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