Does Uline Hire Felons?

When considering job positions, you may feel inclined to apply for a position that won’t easily bore. Being on a delivery route, where you drive by yourself and you don’t have to experience wear and tear on your personal vehicle may sound enticing.

At Uline you can expect to apply to jobs that in the end will reward you. When you take a position as Uline you can expect to experience an upbeat and hard driving position. As a former felon you may find yourself wondering, does Uline hire felons?

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Keep reading to learn more about the company itself and if the company does indeed hire felons.


The company began many years ago in a simplistic and family-style location. Noticing a local need for a shipping supplier, family members Liz and Dick Uihlein started Uline from their basement in 1980.

The company has moved on from a family basement to being one of the leading distributors of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses across North America. Beginning with small packaging, the Uihleins grew the business far beyond their family’s and everybody else’s expectations.

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The company has risen to be North America’s leading distributor of shipping, packaging and industrial supplies. Though they lead in the industry they stand strong by their core goals and values. One of their goals is to meet customer needs regarding retail, safety, material handling, industrial and packaging materials. The company’s catalog reaches businesses nationwide, offering thousands of products that respond promptly and offer quick delivery to customers.

Uline is a family-owned business. Therefore, you can expect that as both a customer, and an employee, you will experience only the best experience possible. The company stands strong by their core values and missions.

With over 7,350 North American employees at their locations, Uline has distribution centers scattered across the United States. For instance, there are centers in Illinois, California, Texas, Washington, Nevada, and many more states.

Let’s go over what you can expect when working for one of the various locations.

Working for Uline

At Uline they deliver every order with not only a passion but also an experience that you can trust. The company has stood by their commitment to provide the highest level of service and quality products to their customers. They want the experience to exceed customers’ expectations. Just as the founder’s began the company.

There are various positions that are offered through the company. Let’s take a closer look at the positions that may be available to you through the company.

Positions at Uline

Uline employees work together to make sure the company succeeds in every way possible. In order to create a team that thrives, they hire those who are bright, energetic, and from various backgrounds. Hiring those from various backgrounds lead to all employees having unique perspectives and skills.

There are a few different career areas available through Uline. For instance, there are opportunities in areas such as sales, warehouse work, and customer service!


Uline sells to a large variety of industries. Uline’s purpose is to supply companies and organizations with the products they need to serve their customers.

There are options when it comes to positions in sales. One position that may interest you is a sales account representative.

Sales Account Representative

As a sales account representative, there are some core responsibilities.

You will actively manage accounts and attempt to grow  the amount of accounts that the company has. This is done by using the company’s catalog of over 38,500 items to sell product solutions to companies that may be in need. To understand your customers to understand your customers needs you will go to store locations. Therefore you can provide real, practical solutions and deliver the best support when determining what the company may need.

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When visiting with potential accounts it is crucial that you represent Uline in a proper manner. It can benefit you to have prior experience in sales or customer service. It is not a requirement but it is preferred.

If you are not specifically interested in a sales position, there are also positions available at Uline Warehouses.


The warehouse manages all aspects when it comes to shipping, receiving, returns, transfers and restock. This is true regarding Uline’s line of 34,000 products across 12 locations.

There are a few positions that are available inside of one of the warehouse locations. The first position that may interest you is as a warehouse worker.

Warehouse Worker

As a warehouse worker, it is important to be diligent and precise. This is because you must properly pack orders for shipments, receive incoming vendor shipments and properly put them away.

You must also have a good sense of time management. This is because you must get orders out in a timely manner as well as be ready when there are incoming orders.

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You must be physically able. You will need to have the ability to frequently lift, push, and slide packages that can weigh up to 50 lbs. Sometimes even exceeding that.

It is crucial that you also have a desire to work in a fast-paced yet positive warehouse environment. This can guarantee that all work that is done will be done with excellence.

Other Positions

If neither of the previously mentioned positions interest you, there are plenty of other opportunities offered by Uline. There are also other career areas beside sales and warehouse. There are positions that can be found on a corporate level as well as in technology.

Now that you are aware of some of the positions available at Uline, let’s take a closer look at the application process.

Application Process

The application process is quite straightforward. You can begin by finding a position that interests you on their website. If the specific position is available, you can begin your application.

The application will require some basic information from you. It will also require that you attach a resume. The purpose of a resume is to learn more about the applicant than just the basics.

does the uline hire felons

You will have to answer that question that may intimidate you. You will have to respond to that question which is regarding your criminal history.

Unfortunately, Uline will most likely not consider your application if you have a criminal record.

This should not discourage you. There are plenty of job opportunities out there for those with a criminal history. There are even movements and pledges that a company can stand by that try to increase a felon’s chance to get back into the workforce.


Uline is a family-owned business. It is North America’s leading distributor of shipping, packaging and industrial supplies.

Unfortunately, the company is not necessarily felon-friendly. They often will not hire you if you have a felony.

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