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One of the first things a felon must do once released is to find a job. It keeps parole officers happy and is the best way to get back to normal living. For those who have dependents, working means they are providing.

Sadly, getting a job is tough for felons. Many people are distrusting of ex-cons and will not hesitate to deny them a job. Even if they are qualified for it.

There are however some companies that take a different view on the issue. They genuinely consider job applications from felons.

Does UPS Hire Felons?

So in response to the question ‘Does UPS hire felons’, the answer is yes. Just as with many other SMEs and larger employers, there are conditions applied.

UPS is a renowned package delivery and logistics firm with a presence in over 220 countries. It has employed over 400,000 people in the U.S. With a company this large, there are many potential work opportunities to be had.

Also, the company’s stability and strong market demand translate into good job security. They offer good salaries and an enviable benefits package.

The only downside some employees report is long working hours. But when you can pay the bills, you can afford to sacrifice the downtime. At least until when you can get something better, or get promoted.

Now you know a career at UPS is within reach. Next, you will need to identify what particular jobs are available to felons.

What Type of Job Can a Felon Do at UPS?

As mentioned, UPS is a very large company. It has over 5,000 store locations in northern America alone. This is besides many other numerous facilities and varieties of vehicles used to deliver services.

The job opportunities are many and come from different departments. You can be hired for any position, including IT, finance, logistics, engineering, and package handling.

The most common jobs felons apply for are entry-level positions. The need for these employees is quite high. This is majorly due to the growing demand for home delivery services.

As expected, entry-level jobs have the lowest pay in the company. However, UPS starting salaries are generally higher than the minimum wage. Here are some of the most commonly advertised positions:

Does UPS Hire Felons Jobs

  • Package Delivery Driver
  • Mail Processor
  • Warehouse Worker – Package Handler
  • Tractor-Trailer Driver
  • Automotive Technician
  • Maintenance Mechanic
  • Operations Clerk
  • Dockworker
  • Warehouse Associate
  • Vehicle Car Washer
  • Sales Associate
  • Customer Service Associate

With all these options at the entry-level, chances are you see a place you can fit in. Let’s look at how you can join them.

How to Apply

Like many major companies today, UPS handles all job applications online. You will need to visit their careers page to find out what jobs are currently available. You can filter them based on job title and location.

Each job comes with details on duties and responsibilities, qualifications and compensation offered. Some also indicate work conditions.

Certain positions have high physical demands. This often has to do with package handling jobs. Check if you can meet up with the standards indicated.

Once you have identified a position that you feel you can fill, click on the ‘apply now’ button. This will take you to another page. Here you will need to create an account and complete the job application form.

Once you submit your application you need only wait. You will get feedback one way or another.

If you do meet their criteria, a recruiter will get in touch to arrange an interview. He/she will let you know the time and place of the interview.

After the interview, you will be contacted to be informed if you were successful. If you are wondering ‘Does UPS drug test?’, the answer is yes.

It is usually a condition before a job offer is made. It is part of the background check. If you do partake, lay off during this period to avoid messing up.

However, before you even start applying, are you ready for the challenge. Job hunting anywhere is not easy and a felony makes it even harder. Here are some tips that can help boost your chances of success.

Steps That Will Help You Get Hired at UPS

Getting to the interview stage offers a chance to show UPS that you are more than a felon. You will need to convince them that you are the best in the field of candidates. Here are some tips to help boost your chances.

Expunge Your Record

Although not all felonies will qualify for this action, it is advisable to try. Check state law or consult with a lawyer. Many specialize in this kind of work and can work fast.

Steps That Will Help You Get Hired at UPS

Having your record expunged or sealed will work in your favor, wherever you apply for a job. Even if the company somehow learn you did have a criminal record, it helps.

An expungement means a court feels you are entitled to this relief. If the courts can look at your case favorably, then so can UPS.

Be Truthful

If you happen to be queried about your criminal conviction, be honest. Do not elaborate on the crime. Stick to just the pertinent details and focus on how you have become better.

If you lie about your past, it can hurt your chances. They may view you as lacking integrity and not suited to their work culture. You can turn this negative into a positive by demonstrating the changes you have made in life.

Take responsibility for your actions. But do not dwell on the negatives. Starting a family, earning a degree, and giving time to charity are better areas to focus on.

Find Good References

References are not just about work history. They can also attest to your character.

The work UPS does calls for employees that are diligent, honest, and dependable. You need to have references that can confirm that these are traits you possess.

Let them be people with good standing in the community. Professionals, clergy, and government employees can be trusted to give honest opinions.

Try to have at least five such persons you can rely on to speak favorably of you.

Dress for Success

Dress to SuccessUPS drivers are famous for the brown shorts they wear in hot weather. This should, however, not inspire you to dress casually. When going for any job interview, you need to dress formally.

It demonstrates your seriousness and respect for interviewers. Casual wear may suggest a relaxed attitude that is not in keeping with how the company functions.

Do not just be formal, be clean and neat. Wearing a suit and muddied shoes does not augur well. They need to know you will portray the company well in the public’s view.


Going for an interview fresh out of prison can be unnerving. you are eager to please but nervous at the same time. You never quite know the impression you are making.

Get a family member or friend with formal work experience to help. Let them role-play as the interviewer. This will give you a chance to put together what you say and how you will say it.

Do a little online research on the kinds of questions to expect and practice your responses. Do this severally so you can be more comfortable and confident.

Be sure to include questions related to your conviction. Rehearsing your responses will make whatever response you later give sound more natural.

Time It Right

Peak shopping periods are a busy time for UPS. They often have a desperate need for part-time hires.

This is a good time to make your application. They will be more inclined as they struggle to get enough hands to handle the workload.

They also tend to hire most of their full-time staff from those that work part-time. Look at this as a potential stepping stone to a better position. You will just need to prove yourself a good worker and they will take notice.

Part-timers that have been around for over a year do qualify for benefits. It is helpful to get medical and dental cover, especially when you have kids.

Train for The Job You Want

To improve your chances of gaining full-time employment, acquire better education. Where it is a degree or a certification, add to your qualifications.

There are many professional positions you can rise to if you prepare well enough. Take advantage of the free time part-time jobs afford you to add to your skills.

From driving to accountancy, you can begin to build a lasting career at UPS. Whether you prefer blue or white-collar work, there are more opportunities to grab when you are prepared.

Stick It Out

Consistency in performance is the best way to get a reputation here. Always arrive at work on time and perform your duties diligently.

Do not act resentful of authority figures. The stress can get to them too and you will have to be the level-headed one.

The work can be difficult for older or less fit felons. Many of the entry-level positions related to deliveries and warehouse work involve physical labor. There are often requirements such as lifting as much as 70 pounds to a height of 5 feet.

It is not surprising that there is a high turnover with such positions. If you can manage the physical strain, then a permanent job should be within reach.

Does UPS Run a Background Check?

UPS makes a big deal about their company policy of non-discrimination. This also applies to their hiring policy. While they do sometimes hire felons, there is obviously a criterion applied.

That is why felons are advised to put their best foot forward during interviews. Because they will not disqualify you based on the conviction alone, you will need to up the ante elsewhere. Making a good personal impression can help turn things in your favor.

They assess each application on a case-by-case basis. So do not be discouraged by the idea that they carry out background checks.

Does UPS Hire Felons Check

Yes, they do carry out background checks, but do not disqualify candidates solely based on this. With no relation between your crime and the job description, you stand a good chance at securing an interview. From there it is all about your qualifications and the impression you make.

Being able to demonstrate positive changes in your life can help reassure them. Activities such as volunteering at a shelter or earning a degree can help improve your image.

If the conviction comes up during the interview, do not hide anything. Give the pertinent details and how you are a better person now.

Hiding information or lying will work against you as they will already have run the check. Some states limit background checks to seven years. If you completed your sentence before this limit, your record may not appear.

However, even this seven-year rule has conditions. It may not apply to certain positions and levels of remuneration. Be sure to check state laws on this.

As a rule of thumb, however, honesty is advisable.


While UPS does indeed hire felons, not all can get in. They do not divulge the particular criteria they apply.

Generally, it would be advisable to see if your conviction relates in any way to the job. Like if you were convicted of theft, package handling may not be in your future.

If you find a good work position that you think you qualify for, apply. Once you get to the interview stage, be honest if asked about the conviction.

Try to give a positive spin on things by focusing on what you have done to become better. Anything that gives the impression that you are trustworthy, eager to learn, and hardworking should help.

When anyone asks ‘Does UPS hire Convicted felons’, you can tell them that they do. It is conditional, but there is no policy against it.

Every application by a felon is judged on a case-by-case basis. If the rest of your application indicates you are the best candidate, then chances are you are in.

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