Does Walmart Hire Felons

Walmart is a common store that almost everyone knows about. Those who have not shopped within the store previously have heard of it. Regardless if you have been there or not, you may be looking for a new work position. If Walmart is hiring, you want to find out if you are able to obtain a position with this company. Especially if you have a felony charge on your record.

Does Walmart Hire Felons

Finding a job may seem difficult, but many places will hire a felon. Speaking with the hiring manager is important. Find out if Walmart is a company you can fill out an application for employment with.

Not everyone is able to be hired by Walmart, find out more about the hiring stipulations of this company by reading on…

Does Walmart Hire Felons?

In short, yes. Walmart will hire felons, but it is important to keep in mind that the felony charge matters. They will not hire anyone with a felony.

The type of charge that you were charged with makes a difference. This is due to the fact that violent offenders, those with fraud, or other serious charges may not be eligible to work at Walmart.

The hiring managers determine who they will hire for the position on a case-by-case basis. This means that your specific charge will be considered by those who are hiring for a specific position. A felony charge does not automatically disqualify you from applying for a position with Walmart. Since every charge is different, it is important to be honest with the hiring manager while applying for a position.

What Type Of Job Can A Felon Do At Walmart?

The type of job that a felon is able to do at Walmart depends on the position being offered. Felons are able to do a number of jobs, such as department work, janitorial work, cart pushing or stocking the shelves.

Does Walmart Hire Felons JobThose who have a felony charge are unable to work directly with money. This means they are unable to work in the customer service station or as a cashier. This is decided on a case-by-case basis and your specific charge.

How To Apply

Those who want to apply for a position with Walmart can follow the steps below. These steps are ones that everyone applying for a position with Walmart has to follow.

  1. Go online or to the Walmart kiosk at the store near you
  2. Start an application
  3. Fill out your information on the application
  4. Select the stores you want to work at
  5. Submit your application

Once your application has been submitted, you then need to wait. If you are considered for a position, they will call you. You can also check in with Walmart to see if they have fulfilled the position by giving them a call. It is important to reference the position you’ve applied for while calling.

Steps That Will Help You Get Hired At Walmart

To increase your chances of being hired at Walmart, it is important to fill out the application entirely. You do not want to miss a section. If you miss important information or seem that you do not care if you provide the information requested, it may harm your chances of being hired.Ddoes Walmart Hire Felons Steps

It is important to be honest on the application, as they will check the information that you provide them with. If you are found to not be honest on the application, this will cause your application to automatically be dismissed.

Show previous work experience or any experience that has to do with the position you are applying for. This includes the positions that you have held in the past before the charges. Even if they were in the past, it is important to show that you have some experience or idea of how to do the job you are applying for.

If you show that you fulfilled the duties for the charges, this can also be attached or added to the application. Any time spent in jail or prison, or any time spent in community service or anything else requested of you should be shown fulfilled. This will increase your chances of obtaining the position, as you have shown that you have paid your time for the crime that you were charged for.

Does Walmart Run A Background Check?

Does Walmart Hire Felons BackgroundWalmart does run a background check on those who look to work with them. This is important because they want to know who they are hiring to work within the store. Those who are found to lie on their application will not be considered for a position.

Drug testing is also a necessary part of unemployment. Those who use medications that are prescribed to them are fine, but those who use illicit drugs are not able to work with a Walmart store. Those who are found to have medicines or other drugs in their system may be required to show proof of being prescribed them. Any others using street drugs will automatically be disqualified from employment.

Some felony charges may disqualify you from working at Walmart. These are felony charges that are violent, sexual in nature, fraud, or any money-related charges. These charges are those that might make it difficult to find a position within the stores that fulfill the requirements of leaving the jail, such as being on the sexual predator list and having to be away from children or others.


In conclusion, felons can obtain employment, but not everywhere. It is important to learn more about the place before applying for the position. Even if you have experience with previous work history, a felony may disqualify you from working in many places.

Those who want to find a position, even as a felon can do so. Walmart is just one of the many stores and other places that will hire felons to do the work that is needed. Finding help and a way to make a living is important and with the help that Walmart provides, many felons have successfully found employment and a way to grow after doing the time for the crime they were charged with.

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