Does Waste Management Hire Felons?

When beginning the job search, it is important to think about the kind of company you want to work for. You of course want to work for a company that makes an impact on the community. Waste Management makes a daily impact on the community around you.

To work for a company like this can be extremely personally rewarding!

does waste management hire felons

This may leave you to wonder, does Waste Management hire felons?

Keep reading to find out!

Working at Waste Management

Do you want to work somewhere with a welcoming culture, unlimited possibilities and a sustainable mission? In the simplest terms, the company’s values come down to: Do the Right Thing, The Right Way. Waste Management may just be your next employer.

Keep reading to learn more about what it’s like to work at the company.


Much like during the application process, while working for the company, they want you to do your best! They set you up with everything you need to succeed in your position.

The training for each position is meant to help you understand exactly what you can expect. You will be trained by your experienced colleagues where you can ask any question that may arise.

does waste management hire a felon

At Waste Management, they value safety. They value it so much they actually have a zero tolerance policy. There is no compromise when it comes to this policy. This is especially true for positions in the warehouse or out on the truck. During training, if applicable for your position, you may have to go through a safety training course.


The company believes that the results that they achieve is only a result from remaining honest, responsible, and ethical.

It is crucial that every employee takes responsibility for all of their actions. Therefore, as a company, Waste Management can stand by their employees the same.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Waste Management, they celebrate and embrace having a diverse culture. The company consists of nearly 50,000 people- all of which are from many places and many backgrounds. The company believes that it is the employee’s differences that makes them be the best they can be.

Benefits and Perks

The company understands that benefits and perks are an important part. It can even sometimes make or break why you take a job! Waste management has got you covered when it comes to benefits and perks.

Working for the team, eligible members receive a comprehensive benefits package. These benefits will deal with health, family, and retirement.

There are some unique perks such as child and elder care as well as paid time off and paid personal days!

Hiring Process

The hiring process is quite simple and straightforward. At waste management they care about making the hiring process simplified for you. At Waste Management they want you to succeed, they will not set you up for failure.

Let’s take a closer look at what the hiring process is like.

First, you should do a bit of research. You can learn more about the company and the mission that they uphold. Once you decide that it is a company you are interested in working for, you can explore the positions that are available near you.

does waste management hire felon tips

When you find the perfect position, you should refresh your resume and fill out an application. Once submitted, your applicant will go under evaluation. Unfortunately, waste management is not a part of the Ban The Box Movement.

Meaning, you will have to answer that dreaded question regarding your criminal history but this should not discourage you from applying Waste management will not automatically disqualify your application due to your past. Every situation will be dealt with on a case to case basis.

A background check will take place.

Background Check

The company runs a background check on their potential employees because they don’t want to hire someone who will not succeed.  This is considered to be a bad hire. This is an employee who doesn’t produce quality work.

Once a background check takes place, the employer will receive access to things such as credit reports, driving records, educational records, and yes, your criminal offences. Through this information, the employer will be able to determine the character, financial fitness, and past mistakes.

This should not discourage you from applying. If you remain honest and positive throughout the process, there will be no surprises when your background check is returned.

Again, the company will not automatically disqualify your application due to your criminal history.

Now that you are aware of the application process, let’s go over a few of the positions that may be available.


Waste Management offers hiring events for potential employees. This can be very beneficial so that you can get a better feel for what it would be like to work for the company.

One position in particular is a residential driver.

Residential Driver

As a residential driver you would operate heavy-duty trucks. This means you do need a specific license. This is to ensure you are adequately equipped to safely maneuver the truck. In this position you are responsible for the collection of residential household waste or recyclable material. As a driver you will transport what is picked up to a disposal, transfer or recycle facility. This will take place when trucks reach legal load capacity.

Safety is a top priority at Waste Management. The driver must safely maneuver the vehicle in residential areas. Some of these areas include, high traffic and congested roadways, driveways, alleyways, and lots.

Landfill Laborer

In this position of a landfill laborer you will perform various tasks at the landfills. Some of these tasks will include containing loose waste to prevent scattering, and directing traffic at the landfill.

To go more in depth, you will manually pick up anything that is windblown. You will carry a large plastic trash bag and have to take long walks along the landfill. You will also have to check exterior land.

does waste management hire felon

For this position there is no education or prior experience required. You will be required to stay on your feet for a long period of time. It can be helpful to be physically able.

If neither of these positions interest you, Waste Management makes the job search simple for you. You can look for jobs directly on their website. You can simply search your location and find jobs that are available near you!

If you are not interested in any positions offered through Waste Management, there are other opportunities out there for you!


Waste Management is a company that puts their core values as a top priority.  In the simplest terms, the company’s values come down to: Do the Right Thing, The Right Way.

The company cares for their employees with awesome benefits as well as provides a diverse culture amongst the company.

The application process is a simple one. They do this because they want you to succeed rather than fail. A background check will take place as  a part of the hiring process. This should not discourage you from applying because Waste Management will not automatically disqualify you due to your criminal history.

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