Does Wendy’s Run Background Checks?

We all need to work to make a living. From buying food to paying rent, there are many financial needs to be fulfilled.

But it is not always easy to find a good job. There are often more applicants than vacancies. And employers can be particular about who they hire.

For those with criminal convictions, this can be a problem. Their crimes can be used against them.

This stress is less so in the fast-food business. So it begs such questions as – Does Wendy’s run background checks?

does wendys run background  checks

Wendy’s is a popular fast-food chain based out of Ohio. It is popular for serving such fare as hamburgers, French fries, sandwiches, and desserts.  Its main competitors offering similar menus are the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King.

It is amongst the biggest chains with over 6,500 locations across the Americas, Asia, and Oceania. Some of the outlets are owned by the parent company, while others are independent franchisees. They also have well over 13,000 employees.

As one of the biggest fast-food chains, it is not surprising that many people would seek work here. Let’s discuss some of the reasons for this.

Why Work at Wendy’s?

One of the great things about Wendy’s is that they encourage diversity. There is often a strong representation of various groups amongst the crews and management. This often makes for a welcoming and exciting work atmosphere.

Jobs at locations are pretty much as with other fast-food restaurants. It is fast-paced and sometimes shorthanded.

The fast-food industry is known for often having a high staff turnover. So sometimes employers are not able to quickly find replacements.

There is also great flexibility when it comes to working shifts. This is a big help to those with other obligations like school, being caretakers, and other jobs.

does wendys run background check

While independent franchisees make their own employment rules, the parent company does offer good benefits. This includes decent medical and dental cover. Employees also get access to life insurance and maternity leave.

Depending on location, employees may also have access to monthly or quarterly bonuses. And good overtime opportunities to add to their paycheck.

For those on a strict budget, cheap meals are a big plus. You can easily cut down on your food budget by taking advantage of employee discounts. A win given the fresh ingredients and wonderful flavors that come with their food.

A crew member is a title given to most low-level employees at locations. These entry-level jobs are easy to come by and do not require experience. For felons with no work experience, this is good news as you can be trained on the job.

The company has also established career paths for those determined to climb the career ladder. There are plenty of training opportunities with support systems in place.

So what is the process of applying here?

Applying for A Job at Wendy’s

does wendys run your background checks

There are three ways in which you can apply for a job at Wendy’s. The most direct is to visit a location and ask if there are any opportunities. Since many are independent franchisees, they handle hiring decisions through their local managers.

The official Wendy’s website also has a careers page. Here you will find all work opportunities with the parent company listed. They also list open jobs at franchises on request.

Their corporate jobs are available at various locations across the country. They also have opportunities in various departments including marketing, IT, HR, finance, communications, and legal.

The company also hosts regular open interviews and hiring events for both crew members and managers. They list the location and timings for these events. These are a good opportunity to simply walk in with a resume and leave hired.

When applying, you will find several sections to be completed. These include education, work history, military service, and legal. Under legal, you will be asked to detail any criminal convictions.

As said, independent franchisees manage their own hiring process. In many cases, the interviews can be less than 30 minutes with a decision made immediately.

Others may however be more stringent with additional checks.

Does Wendy’s Run Background Checks?

does wendys run a background check

Some franchisees and the parent company do perform background checks. They comply with Fair Credit Reporting guidelines. You will be requested to sign off on such a check at some point in the interview process.

While they do ask about criminal convictions, they also leave space for explanations. This is an opportunity for the applicant to expound on circumstances that led to this conviction.

Drug testing is also sometimes requested.

Running your own background report is a good way to ensure you are prepared. You can discover what will be revealed and prepare how you will explain. Be ready to give these explanations in writing and when being interviewed.

Sometimes working at locations comes with pressures. This means that the company is inclined to hire those that can cope well. This tends to disqualify those with violent and drug offenses on record.

Those with theft and fraud issues may also be disqualified for such positions that involve cash handling.

But this decision often lies with local managers. If applying to a franchisee location, be prepared to make your case. Try to emphasize how you have rehabilitated and can now be trusted.


Wendy’s can be a great place to work, with plenty of opportunities for career growth. While they do run several support networks for its employees, none are for felons. They include such demographics as military personnel, women, and young professionals.

If you fall under these categories, you may benefit from these resource groups. They promote and support efforts such as learning and leadership development.

Given that many locations are independent franchisees, you stand a good chance of being hired. If you can impress the hiring manager.

Prepare in advance to impress by rehearsing your interview skills. Be honest about your criminal past, but reiterate how you have changed for the better.

Even if you do not succeed, keep trying. There are many restaurants and retail businesses in desperate need of workers that could use your services.

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