Does Whole Foods Take EBT?

Whole Foods Market is a healthy food option grocery store. It allows those who want to make more informed, healthy choices for food to be able to do so. It is a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to grocery shop through a wide selection of health-conscious food.

If you have EBT or food stamps, WIC or SNAP benefits; you may want to know if Whole Foods accepts these benefits. Find out below what to expect when you are using benefits in this healthy food supermarket.

does whole foods take ebt

Using an EBT card has never been easier. Learning more about Whole Foods and the payment options they accept is helpful for your next grocery trip.

Read on to find out if Whole Foods accepts EBT benefits…

Does Whole Foods Accept EBT?

EBT MarketIn short, yes, Whole Foods does accept EBT and other financial government benefits. They do accept EBT, WIC, and SNAP benefits through the use of the cards, as well as checks that are given to the individual in the office.

This is not an all-inclusive list of foods or coverage. You have to choose foods that are approved by the EBT program. The list of what may not be approved is listed down below.

Read on to find out more about using your EBT card…

How Can I Use My EBT Card at Whole Foods?

In order to use your EBT benefits at Whole Foods, you have to choose your desired food. Cash-out with the cashier at the front of the store and choose EBT benefits when the card machine prompts you to do so. The cashier will have to press the specific EBT option on their end.

From there, you can add your pin number for the card. You then cash out as you would with a normal debit or credit card through the machine.

Does Whole Foods Market Accept WIC?

WIC is also an accepted form of financial payment at Whole Foods. You would have to bring your WIC ID card, as well as the checks that were given and approved for you to use.


Make sure that the approved foods on the checks are what you choose to purchase while in the store. The foods have to be listed on the checks and approved by the WIC program in order to be accepted at the cash register.

Find out what is not approved with EBT…

What you can buy with EBT at Whole Foods

You are able to purchase any food items that are government approved. Generally, this means that no sale of tobacco or alcohol products is allowed. You also are not able to purchase hot prepared foods with EBT benefits.

Any live animals or foods that were prepared for immediate consumption are not covered under EBT benefits.

EBT at Whole Foods

Any non-food items are not eligible to be covered under EBT. Medicines, vitamins, and other supplements can also not be purchased by using this financial assistance.

If you are unsure of what can and cannot be purchased, you are able to speak with someone in the office regarding the acceptable foods, check with the local department, look online, or even ask the cashier, as the cash register provides information on what is and is not covered when it is rung up on the register.


Now you know that if you want to shop at Whole Foods with your EBT card, you can do so. You can do so with the confidence of knowing that your card and benefits are accepted. Shop with confidence and ease when choosing those food items that you want.

Just make sure to check to find out if the food you are purchasing is approved through the EBT program. If you are familiar with the program, then all of the foods should be ones you know if they will be approved. Shop with confidence and ease in a Whole Foods Market by you today.

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