Does Coca Cola Hire Felons

Does Coca Cola Hire Felons?

When we become adults, it is vital to find gainful work. The jobs we acquire are what will form the foundation for our careers. And it is from this that we build our wealth. For those that land in prison, this path is derailed. Even just a year on the inside can lead to serious … Read More

Does Lowes Hire Felons

Does Lowes Hire Felons? [Updated 2020]

Trying to find a decent job is not always easy. For every vacancy, there are multiple applications from deserving candidates. Competition can be quite high, even for low-level jobs. Having a criminal conviction can make this all the tougher. About 1 in 3 Americans are arrested by the time they are 23 years old. And … Read More

Does USPS Hire Felons

Does USPS Hire Felons? – Yes, You Should Know…

Felons are easily one of the most marginalized groups in the job market. Whether SME or corporate entity, the preference seems to be for non-felons. People simply tend to distrust those with a criminal past. Many that struggle trying to find gainful employment will often target large organizations. The number and variety of vacancies are … Read More

Can a Felon Drive for Uber?

Can a Felon Drive for Uber? Tips To Get A Job

Finding a good job can be tough. While the chances can be many when the economy is booming, most jobs are low level. This means low wages and often tougher work conditions. For felons, the issue is worsened by a criminal past. Even with many companies supporting second chance initiatives, preference tends to be given … Read More

Can a Felon Become a Firefighter?

Can a Felon Become a Firefighter?

Certain mistakes in life can often prove highly costly. Those that lead to prison time and lifelong association with felony status are especially painful. They can result in an end to aspirations that have been nurtured from youth. Many a child has been fascinated and cheered on the sound of a firetruck zooming past. They … Read More

Does Kroger Hire Felons?

Does Kroger Hire Felons? [Updated 2020]

Regaining your freedom after incarceration should be a reason to celebrate. It means getting a chance to start your life over. Hopefully with better tidings ahead. Unfortunately, for many felons, it actually means the beginning of a great many struggles. One of the major problems to overcome involves finding gainful employment. Many people are biased … Read More

Does Bank of America Hire Felons

Does Bank of America Hire Felons?

When released from prison, many felons return to society full of hopes and dreams. They hope to be able to get back on track career and relationship-wise. Unfortunately, it becomes difficult to not only find gainful employment but also access to reasonable housing and social assistance. Recidivism rates often remain high because of these challenges. … Read More

Does AutoZone Hire Felons

Does AutoZone Hire Felons?

Finding a job is more difficult when you commit acts that lead to a felony conviction. However, even with this challenge, employment should be a priority. It will help meet your needs and get you back to normal living. If on parole, the stability of a job means an easier relationship with your parole officer. … Read More

Can A Felon Become A Nurse

Can A Felon Become A Nurse?

One of the exceedingly few upsides of incarceration is healthcare. Many former inmates can attest to the excellent healthcare the received while in prison. Some doctors and nurses in these facilities can be jaded. However, many are often a great source of solace and care for those imprisoned. For many inmates, getting a gig to … Read More