Food Delivery Jobs For Felon

There are many industries out there that are currently thriving. This is great for those who are currently on the hunt for a job.

The food delivery service is one of the industries that always needs employees! With a growing industry of these types of services, it may leave you questioning what food delivery options for felons are out there. You are about to learn all about that!

food delivery jobs for felon

As a felon it can be easy to feel discouraged while applying for jobs. It is important to keep in mind that your criminal history does not have to define you.

One mistake does not have to lead to a lifetime of punishment. There are plenty of jobs available out there for those with a criminal history. One of those jobs is to be an employee of a food delivery service!

There are many job opportunities out there for those who have been convicted of a felony. A few other examples of entry level jobs for felons are to work at Target or Walgreens.

What Does A Food Delivery Job Consist Of?

food delivery jobs for felons

There are two types of food delivery services.

There are food delivery services such as Instacart that deliver groceries to customers. Then there are food delivery services that deliver food from restaurants to customers. Some of these food delivery services are Doordash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grubhub.

As an employee of a food delivery service there are a few things one can expect.

There will be no boss over your head meaning you must take full responsibility for your work production and ethics. All of these services do have their own team to help with any immediate questions or concerns while working.

You are in charge of deciding your own hours and what days you decide to work. The flexible hours is one of the best parts of the job. This does mean you have to be diligent and smart when scheduling yourself to receive the best potential pay.

On average, drivers report earning between $10-12 per hour. For drivers with more experience, it is possible to make $15-18 per hour.

You will be dealing with others on every order. This is from when you pick up the food at the establishment to when you deliver the food to the customer. This means excellent customer service is key!

When dealing with the customer you must be responsive and caring. You will give the customer updates throughout your trip. You also must assure that the customer receives the correct order and that you are friendly upon exchange.

It is important to be trustworthy when working for a food delivery service. Often times you will be dropping the groceries or meals off at the customers house. This information is very personal, you should be responsible with the information given to you.

Working for a food delivery service you can expect a bit of wear and tear to take place on your vehicle. You should also factor in that your gas expense is not included in your pay.

There are jobs out there available that include driving but not delivering food. For example, there are some truck companies out there that will hire and train you regardless of your criminal history.

Application Process

food delivery job for felon

The application process for food delivery services is actually quite simple. You can do it online, even right from your phone!

Search engines such as,, and are online hubs where you can discover what food delivery services need employees. Therefore, it increases your chances to receive a job when you apply to a food delivery service that it in need.

There are a few requirements that will have to be met for all food delivery services.

Uber Eats, for example, has a few requirements for applying. They are as follows, the applicant must:

  • Be at least the minimum age to drive in your state
  • Have access to a car that is 20 years old or newer
  • Have a valid driver’s license, registration, and vehicle insurance
  • Have at least one year of driving experience
  • Not all food delivery services have the same requirements.

The process begins on the food delivery service website in which you deem as the best fit for you. Though the application process is simple, a background check will be required upon getting the job. You are about to learn more about this.

Background Check

food delivery job for a  felon

A background check is required for most jobs. This is to ensure the company has only sound hires. A background check will inform the employer in depth about an applicant’s history. Especially the applicant’s history regarding criminal actions.

Some background checks only date back 7 to 10 years. Meaning, if it has been longer than 7 to 10 years since the crime, the employer will not be made aware of it.

Some food delivery services will not accept applicants who have a criminal history. For instance, Grubhub, the food delivery service, does not accept applicants who do not pass a background check. Those who are documented felons or have numerous violations on their record will not be taken into consideration for a driver job.

This should not discourage you from applying to as many food delivery services as possible. There are many companies that will not automatically disqualify you due to your criminal history.

DoorDash, the food delivery service, accepts applicants from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Though they are not a part of the Ban the Box Movement or, the Fair Chance Business Pledge- they will not disqualify your application solely based on having a felony.

More information on the Ban the Box Movement and Fair Chance Business Pledge to follow.

Drivers are typically in high demand. As previously mentioned, it can help to look on websites such as,, and to know what services are actively seeking drivers.

Ban the Box and Fair Chance Business Pledge

food delivery job for the felon

Ban the Box movement is a list of companies who have decided to remove the question on applications regarding criminal history. This movement helps those who are convicted felons to feel as though they are not being judged only on their past crime.

There are no known food delivery services that are a part of the Ban The Box Movement.

The Fair Chance Business Pledge works to get rid of unnecessary hiring barriers that exist for those with criminal records. Uber, which has its own food delivery service UberEats, is a part of the Fair Chance Business Pledge.

As a company, they do not believe that having a criminal history should prevent someone from being hired.

Uber is not a part of the Ban The Box Movement but they have always omitted the box. They have never had a place on their application to ask about someone’s criminal history. Uber encourages other companies to do the same.

Just because a company has not taken the pledge or is not a part of the movement does not mean that they will disqualify you just for having a criminal background.


In conclusion, there are two types of food delivery services. There are food delivery services such as Instacart that deliver groceries to customers.

Then there are food delivery services that deliver food from restaurants to customers. Some of these food delivery services are Doordash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grubhub.

There are food delivery jobs for felons out there. A background check will take place, but this should not discourage you from applying.

Some food delivery services even try to make jobs more accessible for felons. Uber, whose food delivery service is known as Uber Eats, has even taken the Fair Chance Business Pledge.

Don’t let your criminal history define you- it is time to get out there and start filling out applications!

5 thoughts on “Food Delivery Jobs For Felon”

    • Man this is ALL BS, I haven’t even been able to get a place to live of my own since my conviction and any job I can get is not a job you can support yourself with…I made a mistake and I did my time but the reality is I will never have ANY meaningful opportunities or life because of a felony

  1. Yeah uber denied me as well. Uber just wants to look good for the public. Nothing new though most jobs accept felon applications and say they won’t discriminate but then they don’t hire you because of your background. Which is discrimination. Doesn’t matter if company’s get rid of the box if they still won’t hire you solely based on your background. We have to love being judged for your past self’s worst mistakes. Felons work harder then most workers these companies are hiring. I bet they also have better attendance and cause fewer problems. Felons have gone through the system working and struggling every inch of the way, so the last one to fu** up their job security would be the felon who is trying to prove their worth/value to their familys. All in all the company’s might as well do a race check. Discrimination is discrimination

  2. Likewise im a non violent criminal I’ve never stole anything in my life as well nor hurt anyone i have a possession charge its a state jail felony I’ve never been to prison uber refused to give me a opportunity i am curious to find out how extensive they look into foreigners back ground in some countries yoh can pay for it to not show up as well.

  3. Your felony has to be over 7yrs old.. if yours is 7yrs old they csn still deny u and if its a violent felony they definitely wont hire u.. but, if u had a felony 7yrs or less thats not violent they may still consider u..

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