Highest Paying Jobs for Felons

Finding the highest paying jobs for felons is something that so many want to do. You’ve done your time; you want to get back on your feet. While this would be nice, sometimes it is important to focus on getting a job, rather than a high paying job.

Careers for felons can be found. Using this guide, you can find the best positions for you, as well as those that pay high enough. It can be worth it to have a job that pays the bills and that you enjoy.

Highest Paying Jobs for Felons

Keep in mind, the payment amounts may differ from place to place. The state and federal laws differ from city to city, state to state. However, these positions are all high paying positions.

Learn more about these high paying jobs for felons below…

Highest Paying Jobs for Felons

1. Deliveries

Delivery work is always available. Businesses are now looking for those who want to bring fast food, groceries, paperwork, and more to people. Since the need for delivery is becoming more demanding, the positions are becoming more available.

However, if you have a charge that has to do with your license and driving history, this may not be the job for you. The tips are what make it a high paying job to have.

2. Receptionist or Office Work

Highest Paying Jobs for Felons ReceptionistDoing office work at the front end or even back end of things is something that pays well. Many companies will hire felons for these positions if you have the skills.

It is important to note that you cannot have a fraud or money related charge. Many companies that put a receptionist in charge of their paperwork and other information would rather not hire someone with these charges for privacy and security purposes.

3. Construction

The construction industry is an industry that will never go out of business. Everyone wants something or another built. With this being said, being in the industry is good paying and long-standing, steady work.

Many construction companies will start felons off with a smaller position but working your way up can be easy to do. Earning pay increases, as well as promotions, are up to you and your work ethic.

4. Offshore Drilling and Oil Work

Highest Paying Jobs for Felons OilThese positions are constantly open, and they come with heavy demands. However, the pay is amazing, and the benefits are even better. Many people choose not to do these jobs because of the heavy work involved. The travel may also be daunting to some.

If you want to have a position that challenges, you but pays well; this is the one to have.

5. Sales Positions

If you do well in sales and you can convince people to work with a company, this is the job for you. These companies are more than happy to hire someone who can sell their products even if they are a felon.

You are able to move up in this position, as well. It is one that helps you excel and make more. The more work you put in and charisma you show, the more you will make. The options are endless in sales.

6. Janitors

Custodial work pays well, but remember, you cannot obtain positions with schools. This is due to the high level of security that many educational centers have.

These positions are easy to do and if you have a great work ethic, you can go far. Benefits, good pay, raises, and regular hours are all perks of this position. Look for companies that hire janitors for after-hour cleanups.

7. Cooking Positions

Highest Paying Jobs for Felons ChefThese positions generally do not do background checks. They want someone who can fill the position. If you work hard and are on time, they will offer raises. You may even be promoted.

Cooking is also something that is mostly easy to do. You can find that this is a very soothing position. They are not one of the higher paying positions, but they pay well as compared to some of the other positions. They also offer pay raises and promotions.

8. Translators

If you are able to speak more than one language, translating services are great to offer. Many places will hire felons for online work providing these services. Not only that, but government agencies will also do the same.

Showing off your multi-lingual skills and letting them know you’re able to teach can help you. Spanish is generally a language that is often needed for translations, but many others are also in high need. Look around for translation services required and fill out an application for your services.

9. Telemarketing

Not many people want to reach out to others and cold calls. However, if you’re a felon, this might be the opportunity for you. Since the need is high, they are willing to pay a decent amount. They will hire you as a felon and provide benefits, as well as the high pay.

This is rated as one of the best positions for a felon to obtain. You can apply as soon as your time has been done.

10. Online Freelance Work

FreelancerIf you offer a special skill such as writing, marketing, design work, or other work that can be done remotely, this can be offered through online platforms. There is no need for a background check, so you do not need to submit one or let anyone know you’re a felon.

This is technically like being employed by yourself, so there are also tax breaks for self-employment income. This is also a position that doesn’t require extra steps, paperwork, or having to go to an office. It is just one of many jobs you can get with a felony.

11. Car Dealership Positions

Whether you are the car salesman, you work on the vehicles, or you do other positions; these dealerships often pay well. These dealerships want the vehicles to move off the lot. Whether you are working in the front-end of things or the back; you are part of the team.

These positions are also easy to obtain as a felon. You just have to show the willingness to work, as well as knowledge of vehicles. They will generally offer a position that would work the best with your background.

12. Carpentry

CarpenterCarpets, tile, linoleum, or other work that needs to be done inside the home can be done by you. You generally do not need to submit a background check to companies. You can also start your own company that provides these services.

You do not need special certification for this position. You do, however, have to have knowledge of the work that is to be done. You can also ask if the company provides training, so you’re able to learn while on the job.


Again, make sure to consider having a job that pays, even if it is not the highest paying job out there. This way, you are doing something to move up in the ranks. You are able to make money to survive and live off of. This is what should be done. There are many positions out there. Find one that fits you.

Taking advantage of some of the positions above, however, might be ideal if you have the qualifications. Finding the best jobs for felons can be easy to do, as long as you know where to look.

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