How Long Can Someone Stay With You On Section 8?

Of course, moral support is always helpful through tough times. This may leave you wondering- how long can someone stay with you while living in section 8?

Keep reading to learn more about the subject matter at hand.

how long can someone stay with you on the section8

What is Section 8?

Receiving a Section 8 voucher is a form of government assistance- specifically in assistance for housing. The main purpose is to provide suitable living to those who do not make an efficient income.

For someone to receive government assistance, one must apply for a section 8 voucher. This is a lengthy process but it is completely free. More information on this later.

If a person does get approved, the government provides the money for your living situation. Sometimes this only covers a certain percentage. Sometimes the voucher covers the entirety of the rent.

how long can someone stay with you on the section 8

Not all housing is included under this act. There is housing that is specifically made for section 8. Housing can be both apartments or single family homes.

Because the house or apartment you will be living in is through government assistance, there are some rules that you must follow. For instance, there are rules regarding how long guests can stay at your residence.


The rules regarding guests who stay in your home are quite strict.

According to the section 8 guidelines a person can’t stay longer than 14 consecutive days. This rule, at first glance, doesn’t seem too strict. You may be thinking, “no problem, they can stay every other week.” This is when it is important to keep reading because that is not true.

The second part of the rule has a very important aspect. It states that a person is only allowed to stay in your home 21 times over a 12-month time period. It is important to be aware of how often your guest is staying at your home.

ow long can the someone stay with you on section 8 guide

You can request to extend the 14 nights visitation. It isn’t likely to happen easily but it is possible. You must request an extension through writing and have a proper reasoning. This can either be accepted by your housing authority or denied. For instance, a reason may be that you need physical assistance longer than two weeks due to having a surgery. This would be an example of what the housing authority would deem as fitting.

It is best to submit a request long before the 14-night times period has expired. This will help to avoid any confusion. If the housing authority believes that you are going against guest rules, it is in your hands to prove that you are abiding by them.

If your friend needs somewhere to stay, it is best to suggest they seek other arrangements.

Keep reading to find out how one must prove that they are following all rules.

Following Rules

When you fill out your initial application, you are signing a legal document. This means, if you break a rule that is a part of your assistance, it can be punishable as fraud.

If you have someone who is staying with you for longer than the allowed time, you are going against what you had stated on your initial application. This is in terms of how many members are included in your household.

If it is suspected that there is an extra person or extra people living with you, it is your responsibility to provide proof that they are not.

If you do not have the following documents readily available to you, you may face losing your voucher. You may also face legal troubles. Again, when you apply for a section 8 voucher you are signing a legal document. It is crucial that you are completely honest.

If You Are Wrongly Accused

If you are wrongly accused of having a visitor stay longer than allowed, you will have to come up with some documents. Some examples of the documents you will need to provide as proof are as follows:

  • Mail that the visitor receives at their own address
  • Notarized statements from both you and your visitor that the guest has not been staying longer than allowed
  • A lease agreement with the visitor’s name on it

Depending on your local housing authority, these documents may vary.

It is best to follow all rules and pay attention to how long your visitor stays. This will help to avoid any mishaps regarding your home situation.

Who Can Live There?

Along with the rules regarding your guests, there are rules that get more specific when it comes to who can live at your house.

The only person or persons allowed to live in the house are those who were reported on the initial application. This portion of the application is known as the “family report”. It helps to determine how much assistance you will receive from the government.

Anyone who was not reported initially as a part of your household is considered a guest. Again, it is important to remember how long your guest can stay. Unless the person was counted for on your initial application, they are a guest.

If it is discovered that someone is reportedly living with you, a few instances could occur. Some instances are as follows:

Your voucher could be taken away for good. This means that you couldn’t reapply for either a set period of time, or ever to your local PHA.

The Housing Authority could request documentation of the person’s income and raise the percentage that you pay monthly.

If you plan to have someone move in with you, it is crucial that you contact the housing authority about the steps that you can take to do so properly.

Someone Moving In

There may be some instances where someone needs to move into your household. For instance, you may get married while living in a household that you receive government assistance for.

It is crucial to contact your housing agency before letting anyone move in. This is important so that you avoid any potential mis-happenings.

Every housing program has different rules regarding who can move into your home.

how long can the someone stay with you on section8 guide

If you are able to have someone else move in a few things may change. Some instances are as follows:

You may have to move. This is because depending on the situation, you may be eligible for a house with more bedrooms or bathrooms. This would then open up your previous home for new residents.

Your portion of rent may increase. The person who is potentially moving in will have to report any source of income. As a result, if the person is making enough to cover a larger form of rent, the government will take this into consideration.

It is also important to remember that just because you apply to have someone move in with you, does not mean it will be allowed.


While experiencing hardships, moral support can be very beneficial. The section 8 rules are very strict regarding how long a visitor can stay, though. It is important to be aware of these rules to avoid any mishaps.

If you are wrongly accused of having someone stay with you too long, it is your responsibility to prove otherwise.

If your visitor would like to stay for long, you are able to ask for permission.

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