How Much Do UPS Drivers Make?

When you are on the search for a job you want to ensure that you are applying to positions that will be a good fit!

For instance, if you enjoy being in the car or driving, you may have considered becoming a UPS driver. But, you may worry that you will not make enough to adequately support yourself. This may leave you to wonder, how much do UPS drivers make?

how much do ups drivers make

Keep reading to learn more about being a UPS driver, the application process, and how much drivers tend to make on an average.

Life of a UPS Driver

UPS delivers over 16 million packages and documents every single day. Delivery drivers are the ones who are responsible for getting these packages and documents to their destination.

Let’s take a closer look at a day in the life of a UPS driver.


Every UPS driver will begin their work day at the local UPS warehouse. While trucks get loaded with the day’s deliveries, drivers may meet for a morning meeting. During this meeting a supervisor will inform drivers of any important information they need to be aware of. For instance, if there is a local event going on around the delivery routes, the supervisor would mention the event so that drivers are aware of potential traffic.

how much do ups driver make

A truck inspection must take place before heading out for deliveries. As a delivery driver you would inspect your truck checking for any windshield cracks, tire punctures and/ or other blemishes. Once the inspection is complete, it’s time to head out for the day!

Time Management

Time management is a crucial part of the job. As a driver you may do over 100 deliveries in a day. Through technology, inside and outside of the truck your supervisor is able to ensure that you are keeping up with your schedule. The UPS truck itself is computerized to show when the doors open and close. Furthermore, if you have ever witnessed a driver with a small hand held device, they are actively recording when a package has been delivered.

You must have a sense of urgency when you are on the job. Having this sense of urgency will ensure that you deliver all of your packages on time.

Though you will be moving quickly, accuracy is also important while you are out on your route. You need to ensure that every package is getting delivered to the correct destination.

Pick Up Time

Once a UPS driver makes all of their scheduled deliveries it’s pick up time! These packages will be from a variety of businesses. Time management continues to be important alongside of accuracy. Once the driver has picked up the packages, they will return to the UPS facility. The boxes must be unloaded from the truck so that it can get set for the next delivery day.

Physical Abilities

Being a UPS driver is a physically demanding job. If you are a physically able person, this may be the perfect position for you.

You must be able to lift and carry packages up to 70 pounds. Though you would not be picking up a 70 pound package for every delivery, the average package does weigh around 25 to 35 pounds.
You must be able to lift and lower these packages continuously throughout the workday.

how much do the ups driver make

Beyond lifting packages, the job is fast paced. You must be able to get on your feet and move! From your first delivery to your last of the day, you will constantly be on your feet.

Sometimes there will be a helper aboard with you on your route. Usually there are helpers along for the route during busier times like during the holidays.


You can apply to be either a full-time or part-time delivery driver. Furthermore, seasonal openings sometimes are available, which can result in permanent positions later on.

Part-time hours average anywhere from 20 to 30 hours each week, while full-time employees work an average of 40 hours. Sometimes weather can affect these hours, for instance, your shift may be extended due to driving conditions. In addition, holiday periods are often the busiest time of the year and most drivers will have to complete mandatory overtime during this time.


As of May, 2023, the average annual pay for a UPS Driver in the United States is $56,146 a year. Broken down this ends up being approximately $26.99 an hour. Though this will vary depending on part-time and full-time hours, this is simply an average.

Does UPS sound like a company you would like to work for? Keep reading to learn about the hiring process.

Hiring Process

You can begin the process online. The application will require you to disclose some basic information regarding your identity information, work history, and criminal history. It is crucial to answer everything truthfully and accurately! If the hiring manager discovers that you have not answered any of the questions accurately, you will not be considered for a position.

If your application is deemed as qualified, you will receive an interview! During the interview a hiring manager will discuss the details of the job, company policies and ask you some questions. This is another time when it is crucial that you are honest regarding questions about your criminal history. The company will not automatically disqualify you for having a criminal record.

how much do an ups driver make

During the interview it is your chance to put your best foot forward! Talk about your strong work ethic and personal qualities that would make you a desirable employee. For instance, time is of essence as a delivery driver. You can speak of a time where you efficiently managed your time to complete a task.

A background check and a drug test will take place. UPS runs these checks in order to ensure a good hire. Due to the fact that as a delivery driver, you are handling others belongings, they need to make sure that every employee is trustworthy and will not pose a potential threat to the company. A thorough review of your driving record will be needed as well.

It can take up to 10 days for a background check to come back, so it is important to remain patient and positive. If you seem to be a good fit and the position is available, you will be hired on!

UPS offers a wonderful training program for each new employee. The company will set you up for absolute success.

If you do not get hired as a delivery driver at UPS, do not give up! There are other jobs that offer driving opportunities for felons.


Being a UPS delivery driver can be extremely rewarding in more ways than the salary. As of May, 2023, the average annual pay for a UPS Driver in the United States is $56,146 a year. Broken down this ends up being approximately $26.99 an hour. If this is a wage that you could live on, you can begin your application process right online!

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