IT Jobs For Felons

A mistake one makes should not lead to a life full of punishment. There are many ways to improve one’s situation. Applying to jobs can be a wonderful start.

There are many opportunities in various fields for felons.  With technology constantly on the rise there are many jobs that need to be filled!

it jobs for felons

A job that has become more commonly known in the technology industry is an IT professional. There are potential IT jobs for felons.

We are about to go over what exactly an Information Technology job consists of, the requirements that need to be met, as well as ways you can improve your chances of getting a job as an IT professional.

What Is Information Technology?

Information technology is more commonly known as IT for short. Being an IT professional requires various tasks. The job requires a person who can test, build, install, repair, or maintain hardware and software systems.

There are different types of IT professionals that exist. The responsibilities of an IT professional can include writing computer software. Another responsibility could be keeping a system and data secure while maintaining a network.

You’re about to learn more about jobs that are available in this field.

Information Technology Jobs

it jobs for felon

These are some of the most popular information technology jobs.

Computer tech support has the job of keeping computers operating properly. They must test and correct codes to ensure that the software works properly and that there are no bugs.

A computer programmer writes computer codes in order to run a computer’s software.

A network administrator is the person who runs an organization’s network. In a way, these specialists are like secretaries. They also set up new networks, install new software updates, and troubleshoot networks if they are down.

A Database Administrator is someone who manages a company’s database system. They organize and store important data for the company making it readily available to users and employees.

The requirements for obtaining a job in IT can vary. Overall, being an IT professional will require a high level of knowledge and skill in regard to computer and software systems. Some positions require a bachelor’s degree while other positions only require specific coursework.

There are other job opportunities out there that do not require a degree. This is great for someone with a criminal history who does not have a college degree.

Is IT an Option As a Felon?

it job for felon

Working as an IT professional is an option for ex-cons. Though it may not be the easiest option for those with a criminal history, it is a possibility. Information Technology continues to be a growing field. There is always a need for more IT professionals.

Luckily, in this field, employers are more concerned about one’s ability to successfully complete a job rather than the amount of schooling they have. If you are willing to work hard and have the required skills, you can likely be successful!

Again, because employers place the emphasis on skills and hard work, many are not looking for serious education. There are options when it comes to proper preparation for the field.

There are many programs that are available through universities or trade schools focusing on Information Technology. There are many options to properly educate someone in this field but IT is a field that does not require a specific license or certification.

Though IT jobs may be limited for those with a criminal history, there are options in order to increase your chances. More on this later!

Just because you have a criminal history does not mean you don’t deserve a job. It may make it more difficult when it comes to IT jobs dealing with personal records or financial data.

If working as an IT professional does not interest you, there are many companies out there that will hire those with a criminal history.

Background Check

it job for the felon

You can expect a background check to take place when applying for jobs in this field. Your criminal history will become known by the potential employer. It is best if the potential employer is already aware of the incident.

It is important to be honest throughout the whole application process. A brief explanation and mentioning the improvements you have made in your life since the incident are important things to do. This can help to establish a trusting and personal bond with the potential employer.

IT companies are typically willing to consider the details on a case by case basis. There are a few aspects that will come into consideration. A few considerations are as follows:

  • When the felony took place
  • What the committed crime was
  • If the crime has any relation to the job you are applying for
  • If you are a repeat offender

If a job in Information Technology does not interest you, there are many other job options where having a felony will not automatically disqualify you.

Important Actions

it job for a felon

As previously mentioned, working as an IT professional is an option for ex-cons. It may not be the most easily attained job position for a felon but it is possible!

There are various actions one can take in order to increase their chances of receiving a job in this industry.

Having your record expunged is at the top of the list when it comes to beneficial actions. This may increase your chance at being an IT professional. Expunging your record allows you to honestly state on an application that you have not been convicted of a crime.

In the field of IT, some positions require a bachelor’s degree while other positions only require specific coursework. Though it is not always a requirement, going back to school to get a degree can be beneficial to someone trying to get into IT.

A felon can pursue any degree that sparks his interest.  Someone with a criminal history may have difficulty getting into some schools but there are schools out there though that will accept ex-cons.

Benefits of Information Technology Jobs

itv job for the felon review

There are a few major benefits to working as an IT professional.

The information technology field continues to grow. New jobs are constantly required for the growing industry. This is a very positive thing for those looking for a job. The job title of an IT professional is quickly becoming very common.

The pay is very good in the industry. This is partially why the field is so competitive. Starting pay is typically $20 to $25 per hour and the average rate is $35 to $45 per hour.

A huge benefit of this industry is that employers place emphasis on skills and results as opposed to experience and schooling. They care more about an applicant’s ability to get the job done.


There are jobs as an IT professional available for felons. Though it is not the easiest path for a felon- it can definitely be one of the most beneficial options.

A background check will take place, but it is important to stay positive because having a felony will not automatically disqualify you.

Skills and hard work will go a long way in this industry. Employers like to see that you can successfully get the job done.

Get out there and show the world what you are capable of!

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