Jobs for Violent Offenders

Felons are considered the worst class of criminals. Their crimes attract the harshest penalties. But even within this group, some have a harder time than others.

More so when you look at having to reintegrate back into society after release. Violent felons are often seen as the most dangerous. They thus face the worst job prospects.

If in this grouping, then you are likely trying to figure out what jobs for violent offenders there are. Here we will look at what career options offer the best chance of gainful work.

When anyone with a criminal past is looking to find a job, taking a targeted approach is best. If you look up any job site or job listings in local papers, you will find many opportunities.

jobs for violent offenders

But there are also many unemployed people. Both felons and non-felons.

Most employers will instinctively give non-felons priority. This means narrower chances when you have a criminal record. It becomes even bleaker if the offense was violent.

Violent offenses are those that resulted in a victim being threatened or actually harmed with violence. Examples of such crimes include murder, assault, manslaughter, rape, sexual assault, and robbery.

Some offenders may even be required to stay away from vulnerable groups. Like kids or seniors due to the nature of their crimes.

Employers have to be concerned about the safety of their customers, other employees, and property. They are also liability concerns if they fail to do due diligence when hiring. They could be held responsible for any resulting harm to people or loss of property.

So for a violent offender, the best options are jobs that limit these risks. Where there is minimal or no interaction with vulnerable customers and other employees.

Top Career Options for Violent Offenders

Truck Driving

This is a highly lucrative career for those with the right temperament. It often involves lonely hours on the road, but typically comes with good pay. Especially when engaging in long haul trips.

jobs for violent offender

You will need to take up specialized training to secure suitable licenses. This can sometimes be costly, but some second chance trucking firms can help with financing.

These companies are also often open about hiring those in need of a second chance. This makes them fertile ground for violent offenders looking to build a solid career.

Given the nature of the work, you can avoid many risky situations involving vulnerable people. Not to mention it is a growth industry with plenty of room to build a lasting career.


jobs for violent offender review

This is another lucrative field with a variety of specializations to focus on. From welding to carpentry, plumbing to painting, there are many choices.

Many jobs may require a license, especially if you want to offer services under your own name. The issue of criminals accessing such licenses may vary depending on the state, county, and city laws.

However, many jobs are done without the need for this. The industry offers steady work, even during recessions. The pay is good and the more you specialize, the better your chances of promotion.

The changing work environment is appealing to many that have been locked up. Working in a somewhat outdoor and casual environment is also favorable for offenders.

Temp Work

Temp agencies are often welcoming of felon applicants. Many have such high demand for workers, they are willing to take up violent offenders. They may have to be careful about where they place such workers.

Many agencies are also helpful in training up their staff. This means you will acquire the skills necessary to perform the duties requested. It is a great way to reenter the workforce with updated skills.

The pay will likely depend on the nature of the work and company you are assigned. However, given the strong demand, the work should be steady. And the changing work environment should prove challenging and exciting.

Retail Outlets

Retailers like Walmart, Target, Costco, and even restaurant chains have a strong need for employees. The majority are entry-level at stores and warehouses.

Depending on the nature of your offense, they may be able to fit you in somewhere. Some jobs may require additional training but often come with better pay.

Online Work

This is the best career option for those that can develop the necessary skills. There are opportunities in a variety of fields. This includes web design, copywriting, online marketing, and virtual assistance.

Many successful professionals are self-taught or remote learners. You can easily find affordable courses online to beef up your skills.

This allows you to work from home, anywhere in the world. As long as you have a reliable internet connection. You can avoid risky interactions with others and build your own business.

Tips to Getting Hired as A Violent Offender

These days, background checks have become mandatory for most organizations. This means it is likely your employer will discover your past. More so if they specifically ask about it in person or on the job application.

Honesty is the best policy. You need to be forthcoming even when you know it reduces your chances of success.

Strive to make a good impression and build up a solid resume. Try to build a steady work history, even if for low paying jobs. This will make you seem a more reliable candidate.

Dress well for your interview and speak politely. Try to get recommendations from people with respectable standing in the community. Clergy, parole or police officers, and those that run charity organizations.

And try to work on a lifestyle that demonstrates the changes in your life. That you are no longer a threat. Volunteer work and educational pursuits can help with this.

Also, work on keeping out of trouble. The longer you remain without further offenses on your record, the more people will trust you have changed.


Having a criminal record of violent offenses often results in loss of opportunities. Most professional careers in fields like medicine and teaching exclude such offenders.

This is due to ethical standards that do not allow for such failings. And the vulnerable nature of clients that would be at high risk of harm.

So violent felons have to be more discerning about their career choices to increase chances of success. While we highly recommend the career options listed, do not feel restricted. If you have the smarts and determination, you may still be able to freely choose whatever career.

You may however need to make some compromises such as relocating to another state to succeed. Research in your desired field and be aware of the risks.

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