What Is a Deferred Sentence?

What Is a Deferred Sentence?

Whenever a person is charged with a crime, there is usually one prime fear. Ending up in prison. This punishment is the most serious, if you exclude the death penalty. Fortunately, this is not the only penalty courts can give. In some cases, parole, fines, community services, and more can be chosen instead. Sometimes it … Read More

Will a Felony Affect the FAFSA?

Will a Felony Affect the FAFSA?

Felons can expect to have a hard time finding decent work upon release. While there are many jobs, felons are often competing with non-felons. And employers are often biased towards hiring those with no criminal history. For a felon to improve their chances of being hired, education is key. This can begin in prison and … Read More

How to Get a Felony Pardon?

How to Get a Felony Pardon?

Despite its name, the justice system is not always fair. At times it can seem like that the penalties given are not in line with the crime. These views are however often held in hindsight. After serving out a sentence, it is, however, possible to secure a pardon. This is one type of relief offered … Read More

Does USPS Hire Felons

Does USPS Hire Felons? – Yes, You Should Know…

Felons are easily one of the most marginalized groups in the job market. Whether SME or corporate entity, the preference seems to be for non-felons. People simply tend to distrust those with a criminal past. Many that struggle trying to find gainful employment will often target large organizations. The number and variety of vacancies are … Read More

Can You Get A CDL With A Felony

Can You Get A CDL With A Felony?

Having a felony conviction on your record can have far-reaching consequences. One of the toughest challenges is that of finding gainful employment. In reality, many felons can get a job. However, most are low paying and often temporary. Jobs at temp agencies and seasonal work from retailers make up the bulk. For those that are … Read More

What Does Felony Indictment Mean?

What Does Felony Indictment Mean?

Estimates indicate that there are as many as 24 million U.S. citizens with felony records. That is a substantial number who have suffered adversely. Even after exiting the prison system. A sizable number of those arrested found themselves confused by judicial jargon. Many would end up asking questions like ‘what does felony indictment mean?’ Being … Read More

Can A Felon Work For The Government

Can A Felon Work For The Government?

When most felons leave prison, they hope to never again have dealings with the authorities. So it may come as a surprise to find that some actually consider finding jobs in government. Finding gainful employment is one of the biggest challenges felons experience upon release. Many employers are reluctant to trust someone who has engaged … Read More

Can a Felon Drive for Uber?

Can a Felon Drive for Uber? Tips To Get A Job

Finding a good job can be tough. While the chances can be many when the economy is booming, most jobs are low level. This means low wages and often tougher work conditions. For felons, the issue is worsened by a criminal past. Even with many companies supporting second chance initiatives, preference tends to be given … Read More

Can Felons Own a Pellet Gun

Can Felons Own a Pellet Gun?

Felons are very aware of how easily crime can occur. One of the ways Americans opt to feel safe is by owning a gun. This mainly provides a sense of security. The right to bear arms is widely known but is easily lost when committing felonious acts. Once you are convicted of a felony, some … Read More