Part Time Work For Felons

A criminal record should not hold you back from starting on a new path. It is easy to feel discouraged when applying for jobs. As a felon, you should always keep in mind that your crime does not define you.

There are many job opportunities available on the market. These opportunities can range from working for large companies to working from home.

There are plenty of part-time options out there for you to apply for. You’re about to learn all about the best part-time options for felons.

Part Time Work For Felons

Restaurant Work

There are various options when it comes to jobs at a restaurant. Whether it is a fast food restaurant or a high-end dining establishment.

Depending on the establishment there are various positions.

When it comes to a fast food restaurant, there are cooks, counter help, drive-thru window workers, and other positions.

When it comes to a typical dine-in style there are servers, host or hostess, cooks, and other positions.

All restaurant positions require different skills. Communication is key when it comes to the restaurant industry no matter what your job is. You will either have to effectively communicate with your other team members or with customers.

Part Time Work For Felon

All positions will also require different responsibilities. The responsibilities of a cook versus the responsibilities of a server will not be the same.

The application process is quite basic. A background check will most likely take place; therefore, it is important to stay honest and thorough regarding your history. Through a background check, an employer will become aware of this regardless.

This can be a quick option when it comes to part-time work. There are many restaurants out there, all of which need employees.

If you feel that you can be communicative and effective in the industry- start applying!

Warehouse Jobs

Part Time Work For the Felons

Large companies require large warehouses. Those large warehouses require employees to keep things running smoothly.

Warehouse jobs are more readily available to those with a criminal history compared to certain jobs through large companies. Being honest about your conviction throughout the application process is very important. This is true regardless of the job you are applying for.

Being a warehouse associate can be very physically taxing. If you are physically able and healthy it may increase your chances of receiving one of these positions.

Large companies such as Amazon, will not disqualify your application just because you have a criminal history. Amazon hires part-time and seasonal warehouse workers.

Applying for a warehouse job at a large company may increase your chance of getting a position. This is because a warehouse job does not require customer interaction. It also does not include dealing with a company’s sensitive information.

Becoming a warehouse associate is a great part-time option for those who have been convicted of a felony!

Sales Associate

Being a sales associate or having a retail job can be one of the easiest jobs to get for someone with a criminal history. These are often entry level jobs that require no prior experience and will receive training once hired.

Some basic requirements of a sales associate are good communication skills, a positive attitude, and a great work ethic. You must be informed regarding the company you are working for as well.

Some tasks a sales associate may find themselves doing include greeting and assisting guests. This is why communication skills are important.

You will have to help to maintain the establishment’s presence. This means constantly thinking on your feet of various tasks that could aid the store or company.

Sales associate jobs can vary when it comes down to pay. Most of these positions start at $12 an hour.

Costco is a great store to look at when looking to become a sales associate. Being the second largest retailer in the world, employees are always in high demand. This is a very positive note for those with a criminal history.

At Costco, having a felony will not automatically disqualify you. Instead, applications are dealt with on a case to case basis.

The time that has passed since the conviction as well as the nature of the offense will play a role in consideration. The hiring manager’s opinion will also play a part in the final decision. Just because you are not hired at one location does not always mean you will not be needed at a different one.

Jobs From Home

Part Time Work For the Felon

In the current day and age, there are many opportunities that you actually create for yourself!

One of the major barriers that ex-cons face is getting through a background check. Most employers do require running a background check upon hiring you.

Almost all remote jobs do not require a background check. This is because the workers do not have to physically be in a position that could cause an issue.

This is one of the best part-time options for felons due to its flexibility and freedom. There is also less supervision and restrictions than for instance, an office environment.

If a job from home interests you, it is important to keep in mind that you do have to take responsibility for your work. This means, scheduling yourself honestly to make enough money for yourself.

It is important to take it upon yourself to be successful as well. Because there is less supervision, there is more room for one to slack off.

Some jobs from home include content writing, graphic design, coding or programming. There are many options out there. There are options for any preferences out there.

No background check and the ability to create your own schedule? Sounds great!

If you are an ex-con a job from home is something you should highly consider. A bit of self-motivation and effort will get you a long way. Find a successful platform and get started now.


Part Time Work For a Felon

To focus on a particular company- Uber is friendly when it comes to those who have been convicted of a crime. As a company, they believe one mistake should not lead to a lifetime of punishment.

Uber is a company that offers transportation as well as food delivery. The application process begins online. The need for drivers depends on the location.

Before anyone can be a driver for Uber, they must go through multiple steps. A background check will take place before, as well as every year someone works with Uber. Things such as driving violations and violent or sexually related crimes will disqualify you from becoming an Uber driver.

Uber proudly states that they are an equal opportunity/ affirmative action employer. Meaning they will not discriminate against any applicant for any reason. They will consider all qualified applicants regardless of their criminal history while staying consistent with legal requirements.

Uber provides very flexible hours. You are able to quite literally make your own schedule. This is a great option for someone who already has a busy schedule. For instance, if you are going back to school, Uber would be a great job for your spare time.

The pay can be up to $25 per hour.

Depending on the crime you have committed, Uber may not be an option. If you have not committed any of the disqualifying crimes, Uber is a great part-time job.


If you are looking for a part-time job while you conquer other endeavors in life, Uber or a job from home is the way to go. These types of jobs require self-motivation and a strong desire for success!

Part-time jobs such as warehouse jobs, restaurant work, and being a sales associate are great options for felons. These jobs have structure and can get you back on your feet in no time!

In conclusion, there are many part-time jobs available for felons out there. Depending on your skills and ambitions there is an option out there for you.

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