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Finding a new job can be difficult. This is especially true for those who have a criminal history.

There are many large and small companies that have no problem with hiring someone who has a record. There are often more job opportunities existing at large companies.

These large companies have large warehouses. Publix is a supermarket chain that has over 1,200 store locations and 28 warehouses.

These warehouses need employees! It may leave you wondering if Publix warehouse jobs for felons exist. Luckily, they do! Publix is a great company to consider when you are on the hunt for a job.

If working for a supermarket does not interest you, there are many other job opportunities out there for felons.

publix warehouse jobs

What Is Publix?

Publix is one of the 10 largest supermarket chains in the country. The supermarket chain was founded in Florida in 1930. They are now the largest employee-owned company in the United States.

With over 1,200 store locations, Publix employs over 225,000 people. This is a positive figure for those looking for a job.

As a company, Publix works to focus on customer value. They also show dedication to the dignity, value, and employment security of their employees. Publix involves themselves in their community as responsible citizens.

publix warehouse jobs guide

The supermarket has gotten recognition for being one of the best employers in the United States. They hire employees from all different backgrounds and experience levels. Publix has indeed been known for hiring felons in the past.

There are many positions available at Publix. You are about to learn all about the many warehouse jobs available for ex-cons.

If a job at Publix does not interest you but you would like to work for a supermarket, there are other opportunities out there. Aldi is another supermarket chain that has been known to hire felons.

Jobs At Publix

publix warehouse jobs review

There are many jobs available through the supermarket chain. Publix employs over 225,000 people. There are many warehouse jobs that are great options for those with a criminal history.

Some of the Publix warehouse jobs include:

  • Warehouse associate
  • Inventory checker
  • Forklift operator
  • Stocker
  • Cafeteria worker

Those are just a few of the jobs that you could apply for. When applying for a job, past experience is always helpful.

If you have had any past experience in a warehouse setting, you should be sure that it is noted. This will increase your chances of getting the job!

The application is very similar to that of most other jobs. Due to a large amount of job openings, Publix receives many applications. You will learn all about the application process coming up!

There are other warehouse jobs that exist out there. Amazon is a large company that is always looking to hire warehouse workers. Your felony will not automatically disqualify you from receiving a job.

Working In a Publix Warehouse

publix warehouse job

Being a Publix warehouse worker requires no prior experience. Though it may help, it is not a requirement. All positions will receive training prior to starting the job.

The warehouse jobs are all physically demanding. Being physically fit and healthy can increase your chances at receiving one of these jobs.

The average salary of a warehouse worker is $15 per hour. Workers that are more experienced or have a more tasking job can make up to $45 an hour.

Not only is this a good salary but, Publix employees have also reported being very happy with their jobs. Benefits, a strong work/life balance, and job security are all aspects that one can expect when working for the company.

Publix Application Process

Publix, like other large companies, will require a mandatory background check. Keep in mind, this will not immediately disqualify you from receiving a job. The purpose of a background check is to ensure the safety of the company, its employees, as well as its customers.

A background check will give the employer insight into the history of the applicant. It is crucial to be honest and upfront regarding your criminal history from the very start.

You should not be afraid to disclose any information regarding your felony. The hiring manager will be aware that you have a criminal history from your initial application. It is best to establish a personal and trusting connection.

Publix supermarkets are located primarily in the Southeast: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. There are 28 Publix warehouses. This is great because there are job opportunities coming up each and every day.

You can begin the application process right on the Publix website. On the website you will discover available job openings near you.

You can complete the application online. This takes an average of 30 to 40 minutes. When completing the application online, be sure to leave yourself enough time and click submit once you have finished.

You are able to go to a Publix store to fill out an application. If you choose to go into a Publix to fill out an application, you may be able to meet face to face with a store manager. This could increase your chance of getting an interview.

Applying for a warehouse job will increase your chances of receiving a job as a felon. Experience is not a requirement and Publix will give training on any position. Warehouse jobs at Publix also pay very well, more on this later!

Putting your best foot forward and being positive throughout the process is crucial. Your past does not define you.


In conclusion, as a felon a Publix warehouse job is a great option to consider. Publix will not automatically disqualify you for having a record! Prior experience in a warehouse setting is also not a requirement- though it may increase your chance of being hired.

There are many warehouse jobs available through the supermarket chain. This is especially true if you are physically fit and healthy!

Throughout the application process, stay positive and always lead with your best foot forward.

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